About Us


Kirner Campers is a small hobby/business which I started in 1990. I am a full time computer professional for a local non-profit company who has always had the ambition to have a part time business. A camper business was a logical choice because as a child I remember the many wonderful weekends camping at Devils Lake with my family.  I fostered the values and appreciation of camping with my family when they were younger.  Now, I have one young adult in college and one who finished college and is employed in the professional corporate world.  It is sad to see them lose interest in camping, but I’m sure they will become interested as soon as they start their own families in the future.  Enjoy camping while the kids are young because life gets very busy, very fast!

I hope you take the opportunity to discover the immense sensory stimulation and family bonding that camping will provide.  I know the camping environment will create incredible memories that last a lifetime.  Take the time to show your family the importance of family time and the essence of what getting back to nature is all about.

Update: June, 2019: My daughter just melted my heart when she said her best memories growing up were during our many camping trips with the family.  We regularly took my parents camping with us to show the kids what fun my parents were.

Update: March 2020: Call me, Grant Kirner @ (608) 370-4238 for details on any pop-ups I have in my inventory.  I will also be glad to express my opinion and/or knowledge of any other camper (not in my inventory) that you might be considering to purchase.


Specialize in offering quality pre-owned campers. My goal is to attain only worthy campers by assessing structural integrity before I purchase them.  I inspect and clean all my campers before they are offered for sale at an affordable price.


To exceed customer expectations by sharing my knowledge, expertise and skill in finding and the best pre-owned campers and match the campers to each customer’s needs and desires. I believe it is important to be transparent and truthful about any pre-existing issues or problems that I am not able to fix in a cost effective manner. I will continue the low/no pressure sales business plan by allowing my customers to inspect my campers without any sales pressure.


  1. Help to foster the relationship between my customers and the incredible beauty of our natural surroundings by sharing my favorite camping destinations, pictures and stories.
  2. Help create experiences and lasting memories that your family and friends will have when they embrace nature.
  3. Remind my customers to live in the present (not the worries or regrets of the past or the anxiety and fears of the future) and discover their connection to nature.
  4. Strive to create the awareness and importance of preserving a clean natural resources by finding positive ways to give back and keep our natural resources clean.
  5. Help customers understand the importance of putting down the cell phone, tablet and remote control and use your 6 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and presence/soul) to embrace nature now.